New P-KUBE Lite Safety Handle

The new P-KUBE Lite safety handle joins the P-KUBE family, for an even wider range of devices. This new model, made of a strong technical plastic, is ergonomic and functional whilst maintaining the distinctive modern design of the P-KUBE family.

The handle is compatible with FG and FY series safety locking switches. 

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Sliding grip and immovable actuator 

The sliding grip enables easy and immediate activation of the switch. With the actuator fixed directly to the handle, its removal is impossible, ensuring a greater level of security. 

Flexible installation

The symmetrical design of the P-KUBE Lite safety handle makes it unique on the market and enables installation from multiple sides, regardless of its configuration. It can be installed on hinged or sliding doors, both on the left or right side. 

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Centring pin

The strong centring pin on the handle has a dual purpose:

  • It means the actuator must be correctly inserted into the switch, preventing misalignment of the doors and consequent failed activation of the switch.
  • It prevents direct collision between the switch and actuator in the event that the door is closed with force.

Protection against tampering

The use of snap-on protection caps prevents tampering with fixing screws on the handle and enables free installation with standard screws instead of tamper-proof screws.

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Integration options 

  • Block button: The handle grip can be equipped with a block button that is automatically triggered when the door opens and guarantees that it remains securely open.
  • Key lock: The handle can be equipped with a tubular or standard (coded) key lock, securely locking the handle in the open position.
  • Device for locking the handle in the open position: Four holes on the handle enable operators to enter the guard in complete safety, attaching up to four padlocks, and thus preventing accidental closing of the door by third parties.
  • Lock-out system: The P-KUBE Lite handle can be fitted with a lock-out device on the switch support bracket, which prevents accidental closing of the guard and enables operators to attach up to nine padlocks.
  • Internal lever for emergency escape: The handle can be equipped with a lever positioned on the inside of the door, allowing operators to escape if they become trapped in the danger zone.  

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