Restyling of position switches for standard applications

The restyling of switches in the families FR, FM, FK, FX, FT and FW for standard applications is driven by our mission to offer solutions that are always at the cutting edge in terms of technical, functional and aesthetic qualities. In fact, on top of the new design, the product is now quicker to install and offers improved operation and adjustment of switches. 

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New housing design

The design update includes changing the colour from black to anthracite grey, in line with other Pizzato products. On top of this, switches now feature a more attractive rounded shape. 

Hinged cover

For easier and quicker wiring, a hinged cover with non-detachable gasket has been introduced. This means that when the switch is opened, the cover remains hooked to the body. In addition, the cover features a captive fixing screw

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Laser engraving

Laser engraving on the cover replaces labels on the switches, for greater durability and resistance even to the most difficult conditions of use.

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Metal mounting plates

For optimal installation, mounting holes are now fitted with metal plates, also available in stainless steel, enabling more secure fixing of screws.

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  • New levers: the levers have been updated with models featuring the same dimensions but offering new functionality. For example, the swivelling levers now enable lengthways adjustment of the actuator position, as well as its radial adjustment.
  • IP67 and IP69K protection degree: the protection degree has been improved from level IP67 to IP69K for actuators without external rubber hood.
  • M20 thread: the M20 thread is now standard for the FK series, enabling connection of M20 cable glands or M12 connectors.