New version of ES housing with raised illuminated guard and buzzer

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The range of ES series housings now includes a new version with raised illuminated guard and integrated buzzer.

This new housing is available in the following three versions with cover:

  • opaque yellow without light (no electronics)
  • yellow with white LED
  • white with RGB LEDs

Key features 

  • The upper guard protects the button from dust and dirt, prevents accidental activation and facilitates resetting of the emergency stop button
  • Customisable illuminated guard with RGB LEDs increases the visibility of the housing on the machine
  • Option to configure the housing with various devices, e.g. multiple-position selectors
  • Integrated buzzer for acoustic signal
  • Sound effect with minimum intensity of 55 dB at a distance of 1 metre acc. to lift standards EN 81-20 and EN 81-50

Further benefits

The function of the housing can be configured by the user with the internal terminal strip, enabling set-up of:

  • Colours of RGB LEDs
  • Steady or blinking mode for LED signalling
  • Continuous or intermittent modes for acoustic signalling 
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Available end March 2024