NG 2D1D413G

NG series RFID safety switch with lock and integrated control devices

General features

Protection degree:
IP65 according to EN 60529
Cover, position 1:
1 pushbutton blue 1NO+1NC
Cover configuration:
1 device
Metal housing, three threaded M20x1,5 conduit entries.
Rotating head
Working method:
D working method, locked actuator with de-energized solenoid
Inputs and outputs:
2 safety inputs IS1-IS2,
2 safety outputs OS1-OS2,
1 signalling output O3: actuator inserted,
1 signalling output O4: actuator locked,
I4 or IE1-IE2 inputs for solenoid activation,
1 input I3: actuator programming / reset
Safety output activation OS:
Activation mode 1: safety outputs active with actuator inserted and locked
Without actuator
Type of connection:
Without connector

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