ST G series safety sensors: new versions with multitag function and extended temperature

Just a few months after being launched on the market, ST G series RFID safety sensors have been enriched with a new function, which allows an extended use of the device: the multitag function.

This new version is supplied with two or more high level coded actuators, all of which can be acknowledged by the same sensor.

The internal firmware of the sensor can be factory programmed, memorising up to 16 actuators and associating a different device behaviour to each of the same.

Some pre-programmed versions of the device are also available for the most widely-used applications. Other programming options available on request.

The new multitag function lets you activate or deactivate the sensor outputs, and also send the information on which actuator is in front of the sensor, using a serial signal. This signal can be sent and processed by a PLC.

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ST G sensors with multitag function have an extension in the article code specifying the programming code for the actuators (-P1, -P2, -P3 etc.).

Device version -P1 for example is combined with two actuators and can therefore not only recognise the "guard closed" status through actuator 0 (in this case activating the OS safety outputs), but also "guard fully open" status, through actuator 1, which activates signalling output O3. By sending this information to the machine control logic you can eliminate uncertainties caused by incomplete guard opening, increasing the precision and intrinsic safety of the machine.

A sensor of version -P4 on the other hand, installed in combination with 4 actuators such as for example in a rotary table assembly station, receives a string of bits with the code to identify the actuator when the safety outputs OS are activated by one of the actuators. In this way you can know which is the active work station also in the machine start-up phase or after an unexpected blackout.

To be used in safety applications, all the actuators must be fixed immovably on the machine, and none of them can be used as a bypass to activate the device.

Furthermore, a new version of ST G series safety sensors is now available, which can be used in environments characterised by both high and very low temperatures.

ST G sensors with a T8 code extension can be installed in places with ambient temperatures ranging from -35°C to +85°C (with a connector or cable in fixed installation) or from -15°C to +85°C (with cable in flexible or mobile installation). The extended temperature versions are available for both articles with a cable, and those with a stainless steel connector.

The new extended temperature version of the ST G series sensors is certified by ECOLAB, proving that also these sensors are ideal for machines used in the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

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