ST G series new safety sensors with RFID technology

Compact housing, maximum safety

Pizzato Elettrica presents the latest development in the ST series of RFID safety sensors, already well known to and appreciated by machinery manufacturers and users.

The new ST G series sensors combine and extend all of the technology used in the traditional ST D series sensors, in an even more compact housing.

The symmetry of the housing allows the same sensor to be used on both left and right doors; by simply rotating the sensor onto itself.

The 22 mm fixing pattern, which has become a standard in the safety sensor market, and compact external dimensions allow traditional magnetic sensors to be replaced with a more sophisticated sensor with RFID technology, obtaining maximum reliability and safety.

The sensors have a multicolour RGB signalling LED, which, using suitable transparent lenses, can be seen from both sides of the device. This allows for fast, immediate diagnostics of the input and output operating states.

The monolithic housing – free of resins for encapsulation – allows the application of the new ST G sensors in even the most aggressive of environments; such as, for example, in the food and pharmaceuticals sector.


  • Evolution of the technology of the ST D series in an even more compact device;
  • The symmetrical housing makes it easy to mount;
  • Standard mounting hole spacing (22 mm);
  • Compatible with all ST series actuators;
  • The protection degrees IP67 and IP69K allow the use in the toughest conditions.

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