Remote Escape Release


An unprecedented innovation among the Pizzato safety devices, the remote escape release allows the safety switch to be unlocked remotely in cases where conventional release devices are not easily accessible due to the configuration of the machinery.

The Pizzato Elettrica remote escape release, which can be attached to the NG and NS series RFID safety switches with guard locking, is equipped with an innovative safety mechanism which causes the machine to stop immediately and safely in the event that the cable should break or loosen.

The activation of the release, as well as any failure or anomaly, are indicated by a control arrow that is positioned at the relative symbols marked on the device, allowing a quick diagnosis by the user.

There is also a graphic display that indicates the correct tension of the actuation cable, in order to facilitate its installation.

The remote escape release can be turned in 90° steps to select the cable outlet orientation most suitable for the application on the machine.

The compact housing for the the escape release button must be connected to the opposite end of the actuation cable; there are two installation options for this enclosure which has a rugged internal metallic structure:

  • screwed to the outside of the guard chassis, which is closed by covering with the cap;
  • inside the guard chassis, on a panel with standard Ø 22 mm holes, leaving only the mushroom activation button visible.

The remote escape release on the NS series safety devices already equipped with a front or rear release device can also be installed at a later time by means of a simple procedure for uninstalling the upper block of the switch.This makes it possible to use the safety switches that are already present with no need to buy another entire device.

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  • Self-monitoring of cable tension to stop the machinery safely in case of cut or loosened cable;
  • Available for NG and NS series RFID safety switches with guard locking;
  • Signalling of the device status and the correct tension of the actuation cable;
  • Device can be turned in 90° steps;
  • Flexible mounting of the remote release device.

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