Programmable Safety Relays GEMNIS series

New products are coming in the GEMNIS Safety relays product range: Pizzato Elettrica introduces new configurations of Programmable safety relays with 8 PNP Safety Outputs. 
An updated version of GEMNIS Studio has been released, the graphic development environment for the creation, simulation and debug of programs suitable to be entered in the modules belonging to the Gemnis line. The program introduces a new graphic interface and new features such as the ability to handle larger projects up to 4x4 sheets.
GEMNIS series safety relays now deal with larger projects and feature the possibility to add free texts to functional blocks, in order to improve the clarity of the projects. At the same time, a free textual research for blocks, inputs and outputs allows the user to quickly identify the position of the researched text and to center the desktop view on it.
Surfing to, you will find out the list of the new configurations of Programmable safety relays available.

You will also find out GEMNIS Studio 11 tutorial videos which will guide you in the first steps such as the creation of a new project or during the shifting form DEMO to STANDARD version.
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