NS series with integrated control devices

The NS series of safety switches now is also available in the version with a long housing, where 3 or 4 control devices and the relevant contact blocks can be installed in the body of the switch itself.

The housing hole of the control devices is designed so that they protrude as little as possible from the switch body. The result is a compact solution, that doesn't require additional installation on the switch panel or in a specific housing.

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The updated NS series offers a large number of configurations, and is thus able to satisfy any application requirements. It is possible to choose from a wide variety of control devices of different types and colours such as selectors, buttons or emergency stop buttons, which can also be illuminated.

The new version also has different electrical connection options: in fact you can choose between the versions with two M12 12-pole connectors or one M23 12 or 19-pole connector, with axial output direction.

This version has all the modular and orientation features that characterise the NS switches, as well as the numerous input/output configuration options and is compatible with P-KUBE Krome safety handles.

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