New CS AM series safety modules

Pizzato CS AM series safety modules benefit from important technological advancement. Major new features include sensorless speed monitoring, more sophisticated motor control through parameterisation of the modules via software, and the ability to monitor motor operating data in real time.


Three different versions available 

The new series now includes three different types of safety modules, each dedicated to different control tasks: 

  • CS AM1• : Motor standstill monitoring 
  • CS AM2• : Monitoring of motor speed and direction of rotation 
  • CS AM3• : Combines the functionalities of both CS AM1• and CS AM2• 

The three versions of the new CS AM series safety modules are available in two variants: permanently programmed or configurable.  

The configurable version is equipped with a USB Type-C port, which allows the device to be configured using special software, the CS AM Configurator, developed in-house by Pizzato Elettrica. The software can be downloaded by the user free of charge. 

It is also possible to choose between safety outputs with OSSD or relay technology. Modules with OSSD outputs are 22.5 mm wide, while those with relay outputs are 45 mm wide. 

Inductive sensor for the detection of specific faults 

With the CS AM2• and CS AM3• versions, an inductive sensor can be connected to the module to detect faults not normally detected by products currently on the market, such as overload and rotor blockage.

CS AM software

Adjustment of monitoring parameters 

All safety modules of the CS AM••P••• series can be programmed using the CS AM Configurator software

The software is divided into several sections: Project, Setting and Monitor. 

  • In the Project section, all relevant project information is entered and the required function can be selected and configured for each input and output of the module. Previously saved configurations can also be downloaded in this section. 
  • In the Setting section, parameters for the detection of motor standstill can be set, thresholds for minimum and maximum speed thresholds defined, and the detection of the motor's direction of rotation enabled. 
  • In the Monitor section, the status of the module's outputs, the residual voltage detected on the phases, the speed and the direction of rotation of the motor can be monitored and saved in real time. 


Available from October 2024