Gemnis Studio 12

The software for programming the modules of the Gemnis series is available in the new Gemnis Studio version 12 which has a fully updated graphic layout and new programming functionality.

With retractable side panels housing the sensors and function blocks,  the field available for working in the programme is now larger and neater.

Among the new settings available is the option of choosing between light and dark display themes.

Another innovation is the advanced menu, which groups the sensors according to electrical type so as to guide the programmer in choosing the correct sensor for the project.

New function blocks with mathematical functions have been introduced which are very useful for applications with frequency inputs for speed control or with current inputs for analogue sensors.

The new function blocks, available only for modules equipped with Kernel 12, are:

  • SUM performs addition of the input data and a second value
  • ADIFF calculates the absolute difference between the input data and a second value
  • AVG calculates the arithmetic mean of two values
  • MUL performs the mathematical function of multiplying two values
  • WTOB converts data in Word format into a value in Byte format
  • BTST allows verification of the value of a given bit within the input data
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Another important new feature is the option of disabling the test pulses of the PNP safety outputs.

The electronic safety outputs of the Gemnis modules are always protected and monitored for dangerous faults. In order to perform this monitoring, test impulses (i.e. very short switch-offs of the outputs) are created in the safety outputs while the outputs are active. These test impulses are generally undetectable on passive loads (contactors or similar); in rare cases, however, they can disturb the inputs of digital devices such as PLCs or electronic drives.

With Gemnis Studio 12, it is possible to disable the test impulses of the PNP safety outputs in cases where the application requires it. Faults such as short-circuits to the external positive pole are still detectable when the outputs are switched off.

The new Gemnis Studio 12 software is completely retro-compatible and capable of programming modules from previous generations equipped with Kernel 10 or 11. To do this, it is sufficient to compile the program for the desired module generation. However, the new function blocks for mathematical operations cannot be used with modules K10 and K11.

We would like to inform you that the modules shipped as of July 2022 will be equipped with the new K12 firmware. It will be necessary to use Gemnis Studio 12 to program the new modules.

The new software incorporates a new remote support management system which will allow you to receive help from Pizzato technical support directly from the Gemnis Studio software window with just a few clicks.

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