FS and FG series safety switches: new versions with auxiliary release with lock for triangular key

The safety switches with separate actuator of the FS and FG series now come with new variants featuring an auxiliary release with lock for a triangular key.

This type of lock is a suitable solution whenever the switch must be unlocked only through the corresponding triangular key, a tool not commonly available and used only by certain categories of operators.

The key’s triangular profile is made to DIN 22417 specifications; to activate the release mechanism, turn the device 180° clockwise.

The release with lock for triangular key is available in two variants: with return spring (option V70) and without return spring (option V73), guaranteeing the utmost flexibility of use.

The advantages:

  • release activated with a special tool;
  • triangular profile of the standard key made to DIN specifications;
  • different versions, with or without return spring.

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