Eround E2 PE series mushroom-head buttons: expanded range of available colours

The Eround range features new versions of emergency buttons designed to satisfy specific international regulations, mostly pertaining to the North American market (for example: SEMI S26), which prescribe that actuators having the function of stopping the machine locally or partially must not be red on a yellow background.

For market applications that must satisfy this specification, Pizzato Elettrica has developed a completely yellow mushroom-head button, which adds to the version with black mushroom head and yellow body already part of the range.

These devices must nonetheless not be used for emergency stop purposes, for which the red button on a yellow background is still mandatory, in conformity to the UNI EN ISO 13850 European standard.

The completely yellow mushroom-head button is available in the versions with rotating or push-pull release mechanism.

The characteristics:

  • completely yellow button body;
  • available with rotating or push-pull release mechanism;
  • can be used for local or partial stopping of the machine;
  • Eround-standard quality and reliability.

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