BN control unit with IO-Link technology

The evolution of communication technology opened the doors to new solutions in the industrial automation field. One of these solutions is IO-Link, an open communication standard for sensors and actuators, defined by the PROFIBUS User Organization (PI).
IO-Link can be used for the point-to-point connection of sensors and actuators to the control system; fast and reliable data transmission guaranteed.

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IO-Link technology

In this cutting-edge technological field, the BN series control device unit stands out as versatile, state-of-the-art device. By connecting to the IO-Link master, the BN control device unit can exchange essential data on the surrounding environment, providing detailed information on the different operating phases.
The data sent includes the state of the buttons and different device types, the LED state, the supply voltage, the device utilisation time and temperature.

One key feature of the BN series IO-Link control device unit is its ability to detect any out-of-range values in the monitored data. The system can detect any anomalies or potential risks so that the operators can quickly adopt the necessary measures.
What’s more, with IO-Link technology all the data on the device can be displayed in real time, which means immediate monitoring and precise performance.

Plug & Play

One of the main advantages of the BN series IO-Link control device unit compared to traditional wired solutions is that it’s really easy to install.

The Plug & Play technology makes the device easy to integrate in the system without the need for complex, time-consuming and costly wiring. This makes it much easier and faster to replace the device if it gets damaged or malfunctions, without having to dismantle whole parts of the plant.

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RGB LEDs and customisable colours

Another distinctive feature of the BN series IO-Link control device unit is that, unlike the classic BN control device unit, it has luminous RGB buttons.

This additional function lets the user customise the device with a vast range of colours, including: red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta and white.

Other innovative lighting features include the possibility of adjusting the brightness and activating blinking at various frequencies using the IO-Link system. This lets you adapt the control device unit to various environmental conditions, with a state-of-the-art visual indication of the system states.

The BN series control device unit with IO-Link technology represents an important evolution in industrial automation; it allows new configurations, customisations and controls, which can be implemented quickly and easily.

Available from April 2024

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