Joystick EROUND line

The E2 MA series joystick is a new product by Pizzato Elettrica, part of the EROUND line of control and signaling devices.

Unlike the other products on the market, the main innovation of the E2 MA joystick is the combination in a single device of all the features that are normally found in various products.

Available in two different heights, standard (55 mm) and reduced (45 mm), the joystick can also be equipped with a central lock, in order to prevent any accidental actuation. In this version, the lever remains fixed in the central position and can be steered in the various directions only after being unlocked. This solution avoids any unwanted release.

Versions moving in 2 or 4 directions are available. Each direction can have a maintained actuation, that is when the lever remains in a tilted position, or a spring-return actuation, that is when the lever automatically returns to the central position.

The joystick's elastic hood is made in a single seamless piece completely enclosing the lever, without the minimum opening or junction. This is a unique, patented solution. The joystick passed the IP67 and IP69K tests.

The joystick is to be assembled on a four-slot mounting adapter. Single or double contact blocks, also on two levels, can be used. The user can freely install standard contact blocks in the desired configuration.

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