Pizzato Elettrica S.r.l. is one of the main European firms manufacturing position switches, safety devices, safety modules, control devices, lift devices, foot switches, microswitches.


New standard EN ISO 14119

In October 2013 it was published the standard EN ISO 14119, that defines requirements for realization and installation of interlocking devices associated with guards. The standard EN ISO 14119 is harmonized to the machine directive...

NG Series RFID safety switches with block

This new and innovative series brings safety to a new level: Pizzato Elettrica presented to SPS IPC Drives Italia 2014 its new RFID safety switches with lock: NG series. These switches are used on machines where the hazardous conditions...

Illuminated disc EROUND series

A new accessory is available to complete the EROUND series: the illuminated disc dia. 60mm. This accessory grants high luminosity and uniform light. Its main features include the reduced overall dimensions and the compact...

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